Lucas Mallmann

Hi there, I’m Lucas. Full Stack Developer from Brazil and a life learner.

About me

Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Lucas Mallmann. I've been working as a software engineer since 2017. I believe that education, the dissemination of knowledge and good ideas, is the fastest and most effective way to improve the world!

I currently work as a Software Developer at Globo. I started programming in the year 2016, and my interest in the world of development is only increasing every day! I always try to learn and apply new technologies, which is one of the reasons why I built this blog, because I believe that the best way to learn is to teach.

I like music a lot, am passionate about games, an adventurer in cooking, and in my free time I love to philosophize about life. Despite being a technology-oriented blog, don't be surprised if we bring some reflections here.

Many dreams and goals of mine were born out of online resources I found about technology. I believe it's my duty, and I'll be extremely happy if I can repay you a little of that learning and what brought me here! #keepgoing.

Work Experience

My Skills

These are some of the tools & languages I'm confortable with.

React Native
Javascript ES6

Let's build together?😁

Feel free to reach out if you are looking for a developer, have a question, or just want to connect.